Shipping to and from Turkey? Try Turkon America Line

Turkon America LinesChoosing the right container service for your exports can take a little research and some of the lesser known niche shipping lines may offer better or faster service than some of their larger competition. If you’re shipping to Turkey, here’s one to consider: Turkon America Line, offering weekly sailings¬†between the US and Turkey with quick transit times.

Turkon America Line is primarily a standard container service. They also have specialized equipment including refrigerated containers, flatracks and open tops.

With it’s own truck fleet in Turkey, inland delivery is also offered in Bulgaria, Romania and the Ukraine.

Ports of call in Turkey:

  • Istanbul
  • Gemlink
  • Izmir
  • Mersin

Ports of call in the USA:

  • New York
  • Norfolk
  • Savannah

Additional ports:

  • Ashdod, Haifa Israel
  • Alexandria, Egypt
  • Salerno, Italy

I discovered Turkon America recently while researching service to Turkey. You may want to try this niche carrier the next time you are shipping between Turkey and the US.

Source: Turkon America Line